Sunday, April 24, 2011

April C4K Summary Post

This month I had the privalege of reading and commenting on a few excellent student blogs! I was impressed with the talent the students aquired when it came to using technology.

The first student blog I was assingned was neat! Mr. McClungs had one of his students post about a famous Irish Punk Rock Band. Which I found to be so awesome! I actually downloaded their music after reading this kid's blog! It was cool to see a young student have an interest in different music.

The next student blog was actually Mrs. Yollis' 3rd grade class blog in California. Her students seem so great to be around. The students were able to post what they were learning along with projects they had worked on. I really enjoyed this blog! It was so great to see so many students activily using technology at such a young age!

My last blog I was assingned was Adia's babble blog where students were able to create basically a chat room and talk about random things they found interesting. Adia is one of Ms. Yollis' students and she seemed like quite the character. I had a good time getting to know her by reading her babble blog!

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