Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Blog Post #13

ALEX was an interesting new website to explore. ALEX stands for the Alabama Learning Exchange and was actually a very impressive site! I found some excellent tools that I know will be very useful as a teacher. The homepage has 8 tabs on it. The first tab is the Alabama Course of Study which includes all of the standards in the Alabama Course of Study. Having such quick access to the course of study can be very important as a teacher. The second tab is Lesson Plans which will take you directly to the lesson plans that are already made for you! This could be so handy if needed! The third button is the Search button where you can search the entire site of ALEX which is awesome. The next tab I couldn't access. It was Personal Workplace and you had to have an account with them. The next tab was Professional Learning. This had everything from info about Special Education to Library Media to School Improvement. The seventh tab was the Podcast Treasury. This tab seemed as if it could be used by many teachers to incorporate technology into the classroom. You could choose a content area and then search different podcasts for that area. The last tab was ALEXville. The clickable icon is a globe with surrounding houses called ALEXville. That tab contained all of the information you could ever dream of.

I loved exploring this site. As a future teacher, you can count on me using it! I will probably recommend this site to every future teacher I work with. I want everyone I work with to know about this site and the unlimited access we as teachers really could have. Classrooms all over Alabama could benefit from this if used correctly. 

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