Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Blog Post #11

The youtube video we were assigned about Ms. Cassidy's Class was great! Who knew that first graders could blog and write books? That is amazing! Her students seem to love it! I thought it was so cool that they use Nintendo DS's to practice writing. I believe that these students are already a step ahead of the technology world at such a young age. . Technology is obviously changing constantly. It only makes sense that students and the classroom need to keep up with it. This class in particular has helped encourage my feelings toward technology. I'm glad I took this class or else I am sure I wouldn't have a job for very long! The techniques that Ms. Cassidy suggested to use in a classroom included in everyday things in the classroom.  She loves to use Twitter and PLN's which I think is awesome. I also think Twitter is such a cool tool to use. I know that I find myself on Twitter almost more than Facebook these days. Ms. Cassidy didn't hit any major bumps in the road with anyone that tried to stop her from doing this with her class. She didn't always have support, but at least no one tried to shoot her ideas and techniques down. I know that is a huge risk when I have a classroom on my own. 
Ms. Cassidy had the best safety percaustions. I loved that she made a point to never use the student's last name on the blog. I think that is excellent advice. She also makes sure the students know what to not write on the blog, which is also an excellent point! I think that her students do follow her rules because they are easy and simple. They are really there for their own protection! 


  1. Cherish,
    When I saw Ms. Cassidy's first grade class I was so surprised. I agree with you; they are way ahead of the game at such a young age. I can only imagine how hard it is to keep the attention of a first grade class and when she said she used Nintendo DS's I understood why. Great post!

  2. Thoughtful.

    You say that you are glad you took EDM310 " or else I am sure I wouldn't have a job for very long!" Thanks! Unfortunately, I am not as sure of that as I would like to be. The next step is to make sure that principals and superintendents think like you do and understand that making use of the latest tools for learning is vital for the well being of our students. That is the real safety issue that confronts us.